Instrument cable Richard Z. Kruspe Signature-Kabel jack / jack 10M |


Instrument cable Richard Z. Kruspe Signature-Kabel jack / jack 10M |

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RKGV-1000-RT​ Instrument cable Richard Z. Kruspe Signature-Kabel | jack / jack, HICON

Neutrik 3 Pole Right Angle Male XLR Cable Connector Nickel Silver Studio SC-Source MKII; Balanced Cable Neutrik 3 Pole TRS Jack 3 pole 1/4" Professional Phone Plug Cable Connector Nickel Silver

Richard rocks...

using one of the most intriguing guitar cables ever made. For our endorser Richard Z. Kruspe, axeman with the band RAMMSTEIN, we've cooked up something special with the RED ZILK and MATT BLACK design.


This soft, highly flexible guitar cable with is very attractive finish stands out by outward and inner values. It is sheathed by a thick 7.5mm jacket in a velvety, semitransparent RED ZILK or alternatively in a deep MATT BLACK. For the internal construction, we use concentrically standard wires of oxygen-free class N6 Chile Copper (OFC 99.9999%) and a GAS-INJECTED PE insulation which ensures a low capacitance and a low-loss transmission. By combining a tight helical copper mesh screen with a carbo semiconductor, the cable is 100 % shielded.


The Richard Z. Kruspe Signature Cable is available in two versions: First with our gold-plated high-end HICON HI-J63M03-G high-end full metal jack connector on either side and second with the flat, angled HICON HI-J63MA05 gold tip connector, referred to as the "pancake plug" among insiders. 10-year SOMMER CABLE warranty.

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