Pro Audio Cables | Stage 22 Jack Stereo Balanced 1/4" to 3.5 mm

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TRS To TRS Microphone Cable NP3RXB - HI-J35S02 | ProCables.Audio

Product no.: NP3RXB-Sta-HI-J35S02

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TRS To TRS Microphone Cable NP3XB - HI-J35S02 | ProCables.Audio

Product no.: NP3XB-Sta-HI-J35S02

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Stereo / Balanced TRS To Mini TRS (Jack 3.5 mm) Stage / Tour Microphone Cables

A TRS Cable is unique in that it can carry either a balanced audio signal or an unbalanced stereo signal.

Jack Leads Stereo (Balanced) Guitar Cable / Instrument Cables (Unbalanced) Speaker Cables Jack Extension Cables
Stereo TRS to TRS Jack - Balanced Cables Stage/Tour 6.35mm (¼") to 3.5mm.

Jack Leads Neutrik and Hicon Jack Connectors 1/4" (6.3mm) to 3.5mm mini Jacks Balanced Jack Cable using only stage and studio garage components and cable. Balanced Jack Cable, (Sometimes referred to as stereo jack lead) are suitable for us as high quality leads for interconnecting devices such as microphones, mixing desks, home AV systems, sound cards, monitor speakers, amplifiers, etc, these us Sommer Cable.

Microphone Cable Stage 22 Highflex
One thick coat...

will protect the interior against mechanical wear, such as pulling, tugging, kinking and knotting. For this reason, we have fitted the STAGE 22 with a thick 6,40 mm outer jacket. The electrical data and the technical construction are also worth a look: Because of the fine, densely, stranded single wires, STAGE 22 offers low capacitance and high bending cycles.he shielding, made of bare copper wires, has a 99 % optical coverage (instead of the usual 85 %).


Thus, STAGE 22 is the ideal cable for stage, home recording, rental companies and ELA-100V-applications technicians. Stage 22 is a very affordable cable with no need to compromise.