Pro. Audio Cables | Audio Cable, Microphone Cable, and Speaker Cable and so much more...


Specialists in professional quality custom audio leads. For PA, live sound, studio recording and video applications:


From microphone cable, instrument cable to speaker cable, balanced cable and unbalanced cable RCA cable to XLR mic cable most are available in nickel silver connector or black and gold in two main groups of Stage / Tour Grade and Studio / Broadcast quotability cables.


From a straight connector to a to a right angle small large and all in-between. Pro. Audio Cables | Audio Cable, XLR Cable, and Speaker Cable and so much more avaliable from Professional Audio Cables Made To Order Custom Audio Cables & Connectors. Made to order Stage, Studio, Hifi, Camera & DJ Cables Neutrik, Hicon, Rean Connectors Sommer. Professional Audio Cables specialises in creating unusual and individually personalised leads for specialist applications.


You can choose both the length of your cable and connectors for the right job. All our cables are hand built and tested in the UK using Neutrik, Hicon and Rean connectors plus Sommer Tour / Studio and Broadcast quality cabling. We are always developing new products and can create very custom cables upon request. If you are unable to find what you what its probably because we did think to list it, just email "do you do."